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credits to the lovely Kink for the original op

Hosts: Accelgor - Amane Misa - Hogg - Kink

Welcome, Smogon, to the fourth iteration of UU Majors! This year we'll be following the same format of UU Majors III so rejoice, as many of you are already familiar with the way things will go down. UU Majors is an annual UU Circuit Tour where you can test your mettle against the top players in the community. Unlike most elimination tours, where your opponent is a matter of chance, UU Majors ensures that every participant plays a broad swath of the tier's playerbase as you fight your way to the top.

The tournament is divided into two stages - a round-robin qualifier and a single elimination bracket. During Stage 1, players will be divided into pools, where they will play every other member of the pool in a best-of-one round robin. Pool leaders will be selected by the tournament hosts to ensure that each pool is fair. The pools will be smaller than our first iteration of UU majors. The number of pools will depend on the amount of signups. More details will be included in the signup thread.

At the end of Stage 1, each player will be ranked within his or her pool. A certain amount of players of each pool will advance to Stage 2, where they will be entered into a Single Elimination bracket. The winner will be awarded UU Circuit Points to be entered into the UU Championships. The amount of players from each pool that will advance to stage two will be announced in the signups thread.

Expect this tour to deliver many great matches between the top UU players in the community, and I'm sure there will be some surprise packages as well with the atypical format. I'm sure you're all, like us, excited to see how this tournament pans out! Good luck to all the participants :)

Tour Rules will be announced in the Signup thread.

Signups will be announced soon in the Circuit Tournaments forum - Stay tuned
listen user formerly known as Mubs21, raptor is a generational desire, don't you bring your "new wave" clanger into this joint.
Seeing as appear to be a sophisticated mortal, I feel the situation necessitates more compelling language than the ever-present axiom that the, may I say, plebeians of this "holi poli" might find themselves commonly using.

"Clanger", as a whole, is a definite, extensive, dare I say beautiful topic within the Underused community that should be embraced. Clanger in that sense, is constituted toward the life of what a commoner would call, the "Underused Meme community" which viewpoints such as the manumission of a pokemon such as staraptor, hitherto seen as radical, illogical, and downright outlandish, can thrive. So I do humbly request, on behalf of all the newcomers to the Underused Community, to allow for such new, upcoming revels to be appreciated.

As always, thank you and have a nice day

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